About us:

The Football industry has considerably developed over the past year and Football intermediaries are of ever-increasing prevalence in the world of football but unfortunately due to the lack of professionalism, transparency, knowledge and ethics, media and public perception for the role of the football agent has been dramatized and people started demanding a change. And here comes our Job. CFFA, a certificate for football agents, is a program developed by professionals from different sectors of the football field with the collaboration of RK6 Sports Management, to provide you all the necessary tools to succeed in the football industry. We are a group inspired by a Vision, driven by a Mission and underpinned by Values. We have put our Vision, Mission and Values all together for you to see if our program is built out of things that matter to you.

Our Vision

We are here to help others achieve their goals in the football business and thus, achieve our vision by providing connected professional football agents all over the world.

Our Mission

Is to start implementing football business knowledge and to form professional football intermediaries to take all the aspects of the football business

Our Values

We are a global family that values diversity, has mutual trust, enjoys winning together and most importantly, we are a family that owns and shapes its own future. Trustworthy, reliable, capable and ethical are the values that drive this Program.

Knowledge, Experience and Network are our tools to Success